21 Reasons to start with No Code

No time, no budget, no resources. There are many excuses not to start something new. However, you might miss out on a great revolution that is starting. It could mean you miss out. We have compiled a list of 21 reasons why we think you should start with No Code.

  1. Test your business idea quickly with fully functioning apps and applications rather than with just a powerpoint or mock up
  2. You can spend way more time with your customers
  3. You spend time on delivering value fast
  4. Your customers can see new functionality directly
  5. You can impress users by delivering new functionality all day long… until your inspiration runs out
  6. You can redo your app / application entirely and still be faster than normal projects when you discover that it did not work
  7. You can scale up much quicker and reliably
  8. Save time and money on development costs
  9. You don’t have to rely on developers
  10. You don’t need project managers
  11. You spend no time on fixing technology bugs
  12. You spend no time on technical tests because security and performance was part of the design
  13. You spend less time on maintenance of apps / applications
  14. You don’t need to spend many many hours to learn to program software and master infrastructure
  15. Get satisfaction from creating a new app / application yourself within hours or days
  16. Learn something new without spending 10.000 hours
  17. Meet new people
  18. Be part of something new
  19. You are fed up with having to fix that magic excel sheet you created years ago
  20. You are fed up with people with great ideas being limited because they don’t get the funding or resources assigned
  21. You are on a tight budget

What do you think? Do you have other reasons to start with No Code? Let us know in the comments.

This blog was written by me for webbit21