Accelerate validation of business ideas with No Code

With a No Code platform you accelerate validation of your new business ideas faster when you imagine a solution to a real problem. However to prove you solution is actually solving the problem you need to show the solution to potential customers. There are various ways to test your ideas for example create a video, like dropbox did,  to show how your solution might work. Or you might put a webpage online where you describe the solution to check if people are interested. In both cases you don’t actually create the solution without actually building it. When you want to test your idea’s viability these options, and others, are great ways.

Once you have established your idea has merit then want to go into the “Build” phase in the Lean Startup Methodology as depicted below.

Lean Startup Methodology with No Code

Build quicker

For the build phase No Code platforms can be great tools to build you Minimal Viable Product (MVP) fast and with limited costs. It can be much faster because:

  • You don’t have to hire or free up developers
  • You don’t have to explain your solution to those developers and/or adjust their understanding
  • You don’t have to organise infrastructure to deploy the solution
  • You can create multiple versions without much extra effort

By building the solution yourself, you can quickly start measuring the effectiveness of your solution in real life. And you learn from the real thing. No Code platforms also allow you to adjust the solution quickly based on each piece of feedback you receive. As a result of this you also can go faster through the cycle than with other development tools, allowing you to add more or different features as well to attract your ideal customer.

Reduce time to market

Use a No Code platform that allows you to deploy the scalable infrastructure. This allows your (potential) customers immediately use the solution themselves. And reduces the time to market with a first version that has more features than your MVP.