No Code Books (07-2020)

Only a few No Code books have been written to date.

Since 2017, I keep an eye out for websites and books about No Code. Back then there was next to nothing that was helpful. Over the years several helpful websites have appeared, which I will discuss in another blog. However books are still really scarce. I only found the following to date that you have to pay for with money. Perhaps you found others. Please do share!

De wereld van Udi (in dutch only)

This a combination of a picture book and explanation book about No Code. It uses an analogy of different worlds with different inhabitants to explain aspects such as cloud, software development, citizen developers and other topics.

If you have never heard of the cloud, no code, citizen development, etc this provides some light reading to give you an idea of these topics. The visuals are nice to look at.

If you are looking for more detail or practical steps how to use no code tools then this book does not help you a lot.

There is also a related magazine that you can subscribe to:

De wereld van Udi

How to build an app with No Code

7 Steps to scale your idea

How to build an app with no code

This book is the first book that I encounter that actually refers to specific No Code tools. If you have never looked into No Code you get pointers of potential no code tools to look into. The lists of tools are not exhaustive, as stated by the author. Except for oneliners about what a tools focus is there is not much help for selecting a tool or set of tools that is right for you.

If you are new to developing a business idea and are interested in doing this without writing one line of code then this book gives you a few starters.

This is a very short book. Actually it is an ebook that you can get printed and delivered by Amazon. It is also available as Kindle book. The primary focus is giving you a basic step by step method to generate a business idea and develop it into an actual product. There are hints about which no code tools you could use to develop your prototype, MVP and actual product. The (e)book is quite short and therefore limited in detail.

The App Factory Playbook

How you can develop your App idea without learning to Code and without a technical Co-Founder

This book is for non-technical persons or teams that cannot afford to hire an (expensive) digital agency. It is about taking your idea for an App and develop it. The book gives you pointers how to develop specifications for the idea. From talking to customers to gather requirements, writing user stories and creating sketches.

The purpose of this is to be able to give your specification to a developer that does the development. The book provide also hints where and how to hire the developer(s) and how to manage the project.

Although it does not provide any tips or insights into how to use no / low code for your app, It does provide you a basic approach to get started without any technical expertise.

The App Factory Playbook

Low Code Development Platforms - Assessment questions
No-Code Oracle Apex

A list of questions for assessing No / Low Code platforms and/or projects. This book has 500+ pages

Disclaimer: I have not read this book. Perhaps it is over interest if you are looking for a generic (long) list of topics which also contains a number of specific ones.

An example of a guide focussed on a specific platform or tool. This book has 150 pages.

Disclaimer: I have not used this tool. It allows you to create web applications on top of an oracle database without coding. You can easier leverage the strengths of an Oracle Database. I did not read the book

Please note: these are only my opinions. I have intentionally left out links to websites or webshops as these are books that I looked into but none of them provided what I was looking for.