Is a No Code platform enough to create a great solution quickly?

No Code platforms* are great tools to help develop solutions quickly. You can focus on the solution itself. Others have taken care of the hard parts such as deployment to infrastructure or testing the code itself. But you can still create a solution that does not meet the challenges you are trying to address.

You can quickly create an ugly and inefficient user interface with too many screens to click through. You can create data structures that make it difficult to do (management) reporting. You can create workflows that are counterproductive. You can create informatie security risks through the lack of authorisations. You can do things that make the legal / compliance people squirm like storing data in the wrong location.

A fool with a tool is still a fool – Grady Booch

In order to be successfully create a solution you need to perform many different roles. You need to be a business analyst to identify the right challenge to solve, an information analyst to understand how information should flow, an application architect to make sure the solution is structured correctly, an user experience designer to make it look good and support users correctly, a security consultant to avoid security incidents, a legal counsel to understand potential legal implications and sometimes a project manager or change manager as well.

Do you have to be an expert from the start? For some of the roles you can learn along the way because you can easily adjust your solution to improve it in minutes or hours. For other roles like the ‘legal counsel’ it may require some research or using your network regularly.

Having to perform many of these roles, projects become much more fun because you get to design and deliver all aspects of the solution. It probably means you have to admit to yourself that there are roles you are not good at (yet).

*) including any platform that reduces effort to create, deploy and maintain software to an absolute minimum