No / Low Code market recognition grows

No / Low Code market recognition grew significantly in the past few months. Of course there was already interest by the analysts but when investors and multinationals pay big bucks this really means that there are great expectations.

Outsystems received a 360 million dollar investment from KKR and Goldman Sachs in June. This puts its valuation at 1 B$ at the moment. This of course is great news for Outsystems users as there is more money to grow the company. There is also the risk that the new investors have put forward requirements towards the business model or direction. Investors are of course not charities but expect healthy returns on investments.

And Mendix was acquired by Siemens in July for 730 million dollar. Again I would expect this will accelerate the platforms development. Of course there is the risk that Siemens’ vision of the future dominates the Mendix roadmap or the interoperability with non-Siemens platforms.

For both platforms it seems logical that the focus will increasingly be on large accounts. For smaller companies that are current customers, these developments may not be the best news. Furthermore I would expect that the recognition of the potential of both platforms and organisations, will get large enterprise that have not started using no / low code platforms to seriously reconsider.