Save money over and over again

After many months of pitching your idea to your management, you get approval and money to go ahead to develop the application. This is just the start of your journey to realise your vision.

You first have to select a reliable party to support you. Then it takes weeks of discussions and frustrating negotiations until the contract is signed. Again, a couple of weeks later the project finally starts with a series of workshops to establish personas, customer journeys and user stories. Next there are several user experience design workshops resulting in mockups. In parallel the development team is formed, brought up to speed and the development environments are setup. The costs already are starting to add up even before the real development starts.

During the development you discover that the translation of your vision to the actual product things is regularly off the mark. Also, you yourself have to adjust your requirements because what you envisioned does not work perfectly when you test it.

This means that every sprint review there are new things added to the backlog. Functionality that was already developed is changed or even scrapped. When the first test/beta users started using your application there are even more items added. But now finally you have a first working version into a production mode so the user group can be extended.

This happens more often than not. The reason for this is that when persons actually use an application in real life situations, the real learning and the actual work only starts. Getting to this point may cost you less than in a traditional setting but it still costs you quite a bit of money.

Would it not be great if you get instant feedback about your ideas from real users within days of starting the project. Ideally without spending any or very little out of pocket money. A pipe dream you say…

Not with No Code platforms. You can save a huge amount of the time that you spend on finding a partner, getting contracts in place, on boarding the development team and getting your ideas translated into an actual application. Yes, the first time there is a learning curve for yourself. However once you gained a bit of experience this will pay off every time you have a similar need. Also as you don’t have to explain your requirements to developers you can setup the application exactly as you intended it.  The savings can be used to create other applications. Even if you hire a No Code consultant to bounce of your ideas or do some of the more complicated things, you will save money.

As seeing is believing, I suggest you set a side half a day to try it for yourself. Get a free subscription of a No Code platform, watch a tutorial and build your first app.